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Find our why we need to teach leadership, if we want to improve confidence and emotional well-being in kids and teens

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Find out more about RevolutionMe parent support, and how we can help young people overcome behavioural or emotional challenges.

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Revolution Me’s educational support is designed to help young people to improve their quality of life, emotional well-being, and overall happiness.

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Before our coaching experience I was dealing with some depression. I was having complete lack of motivation in my school work/studies and was not happy where I was in the present moment. I didn’t know what to do to help myself or how to cope with the feelings I was having. I was so un-motivated about school. I felt like I had a hole inside and didn’t know how to patch it up or why I was feeling so hopeless. I had also never really gone into thinking about the reasons behind these emotions and what was causing me to feel so depressed.
Through coaching I have learned numerous strategies that have helped me move past limiting beliefs, reframe my thoughts and end negative repetitive thoughts and feelings from past experiences. In learning these techniques, I have experienced a significant decrease in anxiety, an increase in confidence, and better relationships overall. I have learned to see personal interactions in a clearer light which allows me to behave with a “clearer head.”
Before my coaching sessions with Ash I was overweight and lacking in confidence. Through my coaching sessions with Ash, I have devised an exercise plan and stuck to it. I am losing weight and my self-confidence is returning. As a result of working with Ash, I now feel able to tackle more difficult challenges in my life. I would recommend Ash to anyone who wants to change their life in a positive way

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