Who is Dr Ash?

My official title is Clinical Neuropsychologist, which means that I have specialised expertise in brain function and how it influences behaviour.  I have over a decade of experience working with young people and their families, including at two of the major children’s hospitals in Melbourne, Australia. I also have my own private practice, where I work with kids, teens, adults, and families.

If I found Aladdin’s lamp, my three wishes would be: 1) a happier and healthier world for every generation, 2) an end to human and animal slavery, and 3) an unending orchard of fruit trees.

My mission in life is to help people feel confident, happy, and empowered.

Why? Because as a child, I experienced crippling anxiety and depression that lasted into my twenties. I put on a brave face, but on the inside I felt hopelessly lost and confused. I didn’t know who I was or how I fit into this world. My anxiety and depression led me down a turbulent road of disordered eating and compulsive behaviour.

I spent years (and lots of cash) seeking solutions to “fix” my problems. Psychiatrists, counselors, and medication. I’ll be honest, none of it helped.

It was only when I took charge of my own mental wellbeing, that things started to get better. 

I became a voracious learner. I became a student of human behaviour. Most importantly, I applied everything I discovered to my own life.

As a result, I no longer experience anxiety and depression. My confidence and self esteem have skyrocketed. My resilience is better, and I manage stress and frustration more resourcefully. My disordered eating and compulsive behaviour are now things of the past.

I am healthier and happier than I ever thought possible. I am a better human being. Best of all, I am a better mum, partner, and friend.

And that’s why I’m here. I want to help families experience the same level of confidence, happiness, and resilience – without having to figure it all out for themselves, as I did.

If we want a happier and healthier  world, then we need to start with the parents and families who are raising the next generation. My programs incorporate the best techniques from neuropsychology, positive psychology, and coaching. I support families to become more confident, motivated, and resilient, and to attain more happiness and balance in their lives.

After seeing my own transformation, I know that even the “impossible” can happen. And we don’t need to wait for Aladdin’s lamp to create magic in our lives.  

  • Approachable
  • Individualised
  • Client Focussed
  • Friendly
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