Vegans are hungry.

They’re hungry for the things that aren’t easily found in today’s world. Justice. Equality. Compassion. Peace.

Why does everybody hate vegans? Because they remind us of what’s possible.

Vegans have the ultimate motivation, inspiration, and willpower. They have the fortitude to stick to their convictions, no matter how much mockery, ridicule, humiliation, or sabotage is thrown their way.

We hate vegans because they remind us of the power of inner strength.

They remind us that conviction can always trump temptation.

They remind us that change is possible – of even the most ingrained habits.

Vegans remind us that we can swim against the tide of mainstream society.

Vegans remind us to protect the vulnerable, even if it’s unpopular.

Vegans remind us to stand up for what’s right, even when they’re standing alone.

Just imagine what each of us could achieve, if we had that same unshakeable conviction.

Imagine if we devoted ourselves entirely to our goals, whether related to fitness, productivity, family, relationships, or something else.

Imagine what we could accomplish, if our focus remained steadfast – as we worked towards becoming a better athlete, a more efficient businessperson, a more patient parent, a more devoted partner, a more loving friend, or a more gracious human being.

Imagine if we had the courage to say NO to anything that derailed us from our goals, even amongst the hundreds of subtle messages telling us to say yes?

Vegans remind us what true power really is. It’s not fame, money, status, or even knowledge. It’s our attitude.

And that’s why everybody hates vegans.


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