Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet.

It was 37 degrees Celsius even in the shade, and as I mulled over my winter clothes, it was hard to imagine ever feeling chilly.

Yet, I will not discard all my winter clothes, because I know that the cooler weather will come. As it does every year.

As the great Jim Rohn said “think winter all summer and summer all winter”.

As we approach the end of the year, our mind may turn to the goals, intentions, or resolutions for 2017. It’s a fresh start. A time to make it happen, because THIS year, it will be different.

But always, think winter during the summer.

Whether our goals are in health, fitness, business, relationships, finances, or something else – the pathway to achieving them is arduous and often treacherous.

With goals, come challenges, roadblocks, and hurdles. They’re inevitable, just as the cooler weather inevitably follows summer. Goals are inherently challenging- after all, if they were easy, we would have accomplished them already.

Amidst the excitement, promise, and possibility of the new year – it’s the time to plan for the day when motivation fades and willpower wavers.

That day when we just don’t feel like getting out of bed for an early morning yoga class.
That day when it’s more convenient to grab fast food than to prepare a meal.
That day when our hard work just doesn’t seem to be paying off, and our goals seem further than ever.

It’s for those moments, that we must prepare now.

To not only to get through those challenging moments, but also to remember that winter never lasts forever. The days seem dark, and long – but they always get brighter.

Think winter all summer, and summer all winter.

The reason that many of us don’t achieve resolutions, is because we don’t think about the winter. For it’s far more exciting to dream about possibilities, and to remain in blissful ignorance (or denial) of the inevitable challenges that lay ahead.

Similarly, the depths of winter is not the time to make impulsive, life-changing decisions. During the tough times, it’s easy to give up.

During the summer, we must prepare for the winter.

Plan the shopping lists. Schedule the workouts. Create habits. Develop strategies for dealing with low motivation. Have alternate solutions to exercising in inclement weather. Create healthy versions of our favourite comfort foods. Develop a study plan for that new skill we wish to master. Find a teacher or mentor.

Preparing for winter doesn’t diminish our excitement and passion. In fact, it makes us feel even more inspired, because we now have the confidence to handle the situations that may come our way.

For those of us preparing for a productive, passionate, and impactful 2017 – remember Mr. Rohn’s powerful words. Enjoy the summer now, and be sure to prepare for the winter.


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