I just celebrated my 36th birthday. I’m a year older, and I’m pretty sure I’m a bit wiser.

Sometimes I think about going back in time to my younger self, and the advice I’d impart. Although I don’t have a time machine (yet), I think I’d share words that would offer the greatest benefit to my life as a whole.

Brevity isn’t my strongest quality, but I think the following 75 words are those that every child (and adult, perhaps) needs to remember: 

You matter.

The world is better with you in it.

You, just being you, are enough.

You deserve love.

Embrace your uniqueness.

You belong in this world.

Your weaknesses don’t make you a bad person.

Be yourself. There’s no need to pretend.

No matter how bad you feel or how many challenges you face, your goodness always prevails.

No matter what, you are worthy.

Trust in yourself.

Be kind to all beings – especially to yourself.


I often forget these words, and it’s never too late to start reminding myself of them. And also reminding those, around me.

I wonder what would happen if we learned these words as kids – from our parents, teachers, and friends? What would happen if we were reminded ourselves of this, every day?

P.S. If anyone is working on a time machine, I’d also really appreciate a teleporter and a cloning machine, as well. Thanks 🙂