Perception is a funny thing. Every change seems hard, before we do it. And every change seems easy, after the fact.

Just like when we become vegan.

Before I became vegan, I remember thinking that it was impossible.

Only when I actually took the plunge, did I realise just how simple veganism was.

At first, it was weird and unfamiliar.

Because all change is challenging.

Last year, my family and I moved into a new home. Although, at first, we were excited and inspired – we were also unsettled. It took a few weeks to get used to our new place, and to get to know our new neighbourhood.

Going vegan is the same. Even when we’re highly motivated, there is always that temporary discomfort that accompanies any transition.

Unfortunately, many of us allow the temporary discomfort (or even, the mere prospect of discomfort) to dissuade us from making a change.

We don’t stop moving house just because it takes time to get settled.

And we must not give up on veganism, just because it takes a little time to develop the habit.

Becoming vegan is about changing our thinking, so that we no longer willingly participate in animal cruelty.

And the hardest part of change – of ANY change – is right at the beginning.

Veganism may seem foreign, or esoteric, or overwhelming.

And many of us allow ourselves to become paralysed by the fear of change.

The good news is that we can courageously step forward despite the fear, knowing that we are remarkably adaptable, and a few short weeks is enough to break old habits and create new ones (particularly with support, like with the Vegan Easy challenge).

Soon enough, our new habit becomes second nature. And we look back, and wonder why we waited so long to change.

Fear can make us shy, or make us fly. The choice is ours.



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