I support reducetarianism ONLY IF it’s a pit stop on the way to veganism.

While eating less flesh does mean that fewer animals are slaughtered, the fact is that vegetarian or flexitarian or reducetarian diets still require animal harm.

In other social justice movements, is less an ultimate goal?

Fewer cases of child abuse and neglect? How about less race-related violence, or fewer murders of non-cis or non-heterosexual people?

“Less” must only be a short stop on the way to “none”.

And even if our world is never truly rid of racism, ageism, or xenophobia, zero tolerance is still the necessary standard. Anything else simply perpetuates the same oppression.

Calling for “less” means that “some” is still ok.

It’s great when people start eating fewer animal products. I admire their courage and open mindedness, and most importantly – I’m excited to see their continued progress.

The only way forward is to fundamentally change the way we view marginalized groups, like womxn, BIPOC, children, – and animals.

As animal activists, total animal liberation must be our goal. No less.