There’s no shortage of “mmm, bacon” comments on social media these days.

In a way, I look forward to them. Not because of their originality or hilarity, but because of what they represent.

Cognitive dissonance.

That feeling of discomfort when one’s actions contradict one’s beliefs.

There’s three ways to handle the cognitive dissonance of “loving animals” while continuing to exploit them. The obvious one is to become vegan – which we’ve all done if we weren’t raised vegan.

The second way is to distort our beliefs with rubbish like “the animals will overrun the earth if we don’t eat them” or “plant eating causes just as many animal deaths as eating meat”.

The third way is to try and offload the discomfort by acting in mean-spirited ways. Like, commenting “mmm, bacon” on any post related to veganism and animal cruelty.

How people handle cognitive dissonance will depend on a few things. Their emotional intelligence. Their cognitive maturity. Their level of knowledge and awareness. 

It is much harder to convince people to become vegan if they truly don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. 

So, I see the “mmm, bacon” remarks as a positive. This behaviour can only occur because the commenters already know that harming animals is wrong.