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Dr Ash is a neuropsychologist and activist for animal rights, children’s rights, and mental health. She has a doctoral degree in neuropsychology with fifteen years’ experience in the health, medical, and developmental fields. She works closely with activists, change agents, young people and families. Ash speaks and writes extensively about activism, emotional wellbeing, healthy parenting, and maintaining positive mental health habits. She is the author of Staying Positive in a F*cked Up World.

The black dog and a baby – Post natal depression

Not only do I work in mental health, I'm also a mum. And I know what it's like to live with the black dog. The post natal period is a physically and emotionally exhausting time. Aside from the obvious biological impact of a new baby, like changing hormones, sleep deprivation, and pain from stitches/tearing, there can also [...]

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Confused by “expert” parenting advice? Here’s what to do about it

It's quite ironic that with all our scientific knowledge and modern conveniences, parenting in today's world is more challenging than ever. I could sit here and blame the internet, or smartphones, or whatever - but the real problem is that we're just inundated with information, about EVERYTHING. To the point of overwhelm. At the same time, [...]

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Goal Setting 101 – You don’t need willpower!

Thirty day challenges are all the rage in November, particularly in Australia. The weather is warming up and party season is about to hit... perhaps making it the last chance we have this year to finally achieve those new years goals. You know, the same goals we made last year. And the year before. Why [...]

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What’s the best gift for your child? Maybe it’s not what you think

I won't mince words - it's YOU. You are the very best gift you can give your child. To be more specific, it's the best VERSION of you. Have you noticed that your children know exactly how to get you riled up? Kids are masters at reading body language and facial expressions - they have to be, [...]

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Health is more than just physical fitness – it’s mental fitness too

Mindset is a crucial component of our overall health. I'm a pretty regular user of social media, and I often see people posting about athletic pursuits, like running, yoga, and cycling. Which is fantastic. Physical fitness is an incredibly important facet of disease prevention. And it got me thinking about psychological fitness. Things like resilience, [...]

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Are you hooked on drama?

Do you ever find yourself repeatedly getting into conflict with others? Maybe you find yourself having the same old argument with someone, again and again. Maybe you get involved in heated discussions on Facebook - or you're the spectator as others engage. Or maybe you're really into reality TV. These behaviours all serve the same [...]

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Why becoming a parent made me more selfish

I vaguely recall a time before I became a mother. It wasn't all that long ago, but in the haze of naps, night feeds, and nappy changes I feel like I'm in some sort of twilight zone. Before I became a parent, it was ok if I stayed up a bit too late, ate something a bit too rich, or [...]

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How to boost your child’s mental health with mindfulness

Did you know that mindfulness can help us improve our mental wellbeing? Being mindful means being present - whether it's to our external surroundings, or our internal thoughts and feelings. It's about focusing on one object or idea or thought. When we are mindful to the current moment, we are less likely to become bogged [...]

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Why Mental Health?

You don't need a PhD to realise the links between lifestyle and physical health. A diet high in processed and/or animal foods, sedentary lifestyle, elevated stress, low social connectivity, inadequate sunlight and fresh air, poor sleep..... it's the perfect recipe for obesity, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, to name a few. Less is [...]

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