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Dr Ash is a neuropsychologist and activist for animal rights, children’s rights, and mental health. She has a doctoral degree in neuropsychology with fifteen years’ experience in the health, medical, and developmental fields. She works closely with activists, change agents, young people and families. Ash speaks and writes extensively about activism, emotional wellbeing, healthy parenting, and maintaining positive mental health habits. She is the author of Staying Positive in a F*cked Up World.

How To Give Up Drugs Without Really Trying (Part 1)

I always get incredulous looks whenever I tell people that I don't drink coffee or alcohol. But it's true. I don't consume coffee or alcohol. Even though I used to love them. Even though I used to be addicted to them. I'll backtrack. A trip down memory lane. June 2009. Winter in Australia, which can [...]

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