Why vegans must speak up

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It’s important for vegans to keep speaking up. Why? Because people don’t know what they don’t know. Twelve years ago, I hardly knew what a vegan was. Five years ago, I didn’t know what minimalism was. Three years ago, I didn’t know what zero waste was all about. Thank goodness for the people who kept [...]

Compassion versus veganism

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“I thought veganism was about compassion for everyone, including humans!” Unfortunately some people use this statement as a silencing tactic. Compassion is experiencing someone’s suffering and taking steps to alleviate their pain. Some people take this literally, and expect us to tell them only what they want to hear. Perhaps they want vegans to be [...]

Veganism vs Reducetarianism

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I support reducetarianism ONLY IF it’s a pit stop on the way to veganism. While eating less flesh does mean that fewer animals are slaughtered, the fact is that vegetarian or flexitarian or reducetarian diets still require animal harm. In other social justice movements, is less an ultimate goal? Fewer cases of child abuse and [...]

Beware the lure of toxic positivity

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We live in a culture of toxic positivity. Or, as I like to call it - toxitivity. Sure, it’s great to feel upbeat and optimistic and positive. The problem is when these messages create harm to mental health. Like when we’re feeling anger or sorrow, toxitivity tells us we’re being “too negative” and we should [...]

Parenting: Let’s stop defending the status quo

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Just because we did something yesterday, doesn't mean we have to do it today. Each day gives fresh insight, which allows us to progress. Perhaps we used to do "time-out", or spank, or yell. Perhaps we used to neglect our health or allow our inner voice to say terrible things to us. Just because we [...]

Going vegan is too damn hard

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Perception is a funny thing. Every change seems hard, before we do it. And every change seems easy, after the fact. Just like when we become vegan. Before I became vegan, I remember thinking that it was impossible. Only when I actually took the plunge, did I realise just how simple veganism was. At first, [...]

A legacy for young women everywhere

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Today is International Women's Day. Today, we think about the legacy of those before us, and the future that we are now creating for the next generations. If I could impart any wisdom to the young women of today and tomorrow, it would be this:   You have one voice, and it matters. Use it. Your worth does not depend on having [...]

Don’t read this article

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Stop reading. Stop watching. Stop waiting to be "ready". It's time. Start creating. Start choosing. Start doing. Take that first step. Draw the picture. Write the poem. Perform the comedy skit. Start the blog. Create the YouTube channel. Then learn some more, and come back and keep creating. Keep doing. Keep striving. Too often, we [...]

Teaching kids the habit of toxic guilt

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Guilt feels yuck. But in some instances, guilt is healthy. And it's important to distinguish healthy guilt, from toxic guilt - because toxic guilt eats away at our wellbeing, our happiness, and our relationships. Here's the distinction. Healthy guilt arises from our own action or inaction - like when we yell at the kids or [...]

The 75 most important words for kids (and adults)

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I just celebrated my 36th birthday. I'm a year older, and I'm pretty sure I'm a bit wiser. Sometimes I think about going back in time to my younger self, and the advice I'd impart. Although I don't have a time machine (yet), I think I'd share words that would offer the greatest benefit to my life [...]