Hope in a world of despair

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(Image reproduced with permission from Kelsey V Photography) Hope. It somehow seems unrealistic, ignorant, and perhaps even unnervingly optimistic, to "hope", these days. Despair is far more rational, in a world that's rife with suffering. Poverty, animal exploitation, environmental degradation - not to mention, our own prejudices within our own species, against those with a [...]

Are we all getting sucked into the Mummy Wars?

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I'm tired of the Mummy Wars. And I know I'm not alone. I've spoken with countless mothers who have expressed, in some way, their disgust at the shaming and blaming that goes on within parenting communities. Particularly online, it seems. In fact, the Mummy Wars seem to be at their worst online - due to [...]

Sensory sensitivity: Coping with meltdowns

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There's a range of developmental challenges that young kids can face, and sensory sensitivity is just one of them. Sensory sensitivity can include any one (or several) of the following: hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to sound, light, pain, touch, pressure, texture, temperature, taste, and smell. I'm often asked about behaviour management in these kids, and whether [...]

Positive parenting. Are we just rewarding kids for bad behaviour?

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The style of parenting I promote has many names - gentle parenting, peaceful parenting, and positive parenting. Semantics aside, what these styles have in common is responsiveness - to ourselves as well as our children. Responsive parenting reflects not only our own practices, but also the type of relationship we wish to have with our [...]

Parenting sucks. And that’s a good thing.

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It's not just sometimes, either. The sucky moments can come in thick and fast. We get stressed, angry, or frustrated. Or maybe the kids do. They act up. We act up. We feel guilty. And on it goes. But, all of this is countered by the beautiful, glorious parenting moments. Those times when we feel at [...]

Five ways to help little kids with big feelings

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Little kids experience lots of big feelings, like anger, frustration, overwhelm, worry, and sadness. On the inside, these feeling are uncomfortable and often scary. On the outside, they tend to manifest in the same way - crying, screaming, throwing, kicking, etc. Little kids feel emotions just as we do, but they don't have the insight [...]

Minimalism: Do we need to downsize relationships, too?

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Lately, I find myself reevaluating the people with whom I choose to spend my time and energy. Minimalism is funny like that. What started as a quest to eliminate clutter and reduce stress, has turned into a full blown lifestyle adjustment. And not surprisingly, my relationships are in for a tune-up as well. Minimalism isn't [...]

The mother of all tantrums

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Today, my son had the wildest, most epic tantrum of his young life. He's just turned two, which means that tantrums aren't unexpected. And it probably means that I haven't seen the worst of it yet, either. It all happened at lunchtime. He decided to eat lunch out of his bunny bowl, rather than his [...]

Want to be healthier? Try minimalism.

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Since embarking on a full blown minimalism quest recently, I've been noticing some unexpected side effects. More energy. Better sleep. More happiness and fulfillment. Clearer skin (and I swear, fewer wrinkles). It happened so insidiously. Initially, I didn't even make the connection to minimalism. After all, how could something as benign as possessions get in [...]

Minimalism and a meaningful life

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Lately, I've been questioning my existence and my place in the world. No, I'm not having a mid-life crisis. Actually, my philosophical musings are the result of my minimal living. As I purge the unwanted and unnecessary from my life, I create room for greater meaning and purpose. Eliminating the clutter means that I have [...]