Why vegans must speak up

It’s important for vegans to keep speaking up. Why? Because people don’t know what they don’t know. Twelve years ago, I hardly knew what a vegan was. Five years ago, I didn’t know what minimalism was. Three years ago, I didn’t know what zero waste was all about. Thank goodness for the people who kept [...]

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Compassion versus veganism

“I thought veganism was about compassion for everyone, including humans!” Unfortunately some people use this statement as a silencing tactic. Compassion is experiencing someone’s suffering and taking steps to alleviate their pain. Some people take this literally, and expect us to tell them only what they want to hear. Perhaps they want vegans to be [...]

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Avoiding burnout when you’re an activist

Disclaimer: this article specifically addresses vegan activism, although the points here are relevant to all forms of activism - whether animal liberation, gender equality, same sex marriage, or any of the myriad causes towards which we can lend ourselves. Activism is stressful. Whether it's attending protest rallies, rescuing abandoned animals, or capturing footage of terrified [...]

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