Want to be healthier? Try minimalism.

Since embarking on a full blown minimalism quest recently, I've been noticing some unexpected side effects. More energy. Better sleep. More happiness and fulfillment. Clearer skin (and I swear, fewer wrinkles). It happened so insidiously. Initially, I didn't even make the connection to minimalism. After all, how could something as benign as possessions get in [...]

De-cluttering to reduce stress: How to start?

What's the irony of de-cluttering for stress management? It's so stressful! As I've delved into the reality of de-cluttering and minimal living, I've realised that for many of us, the very prospect of reducing our possessions is overwhelming. For some of us, it fills us with stress, panic, and even dread. Very few of us [...]

My experiment with minimalism

Over the last few years, my lifestyle has changed radically. I stopped working a full time job, started my own business, adopted a bunny, and have become a mum. It wasn't all that long ago, that I had a hectic schedule - with most of my waking hours spent outside the house. But now, I [...]

Health is more than just physical fitness – it’s mental fitness too

Mindset is a crucial component of our overall health. I'm a pretty regular user of social media, and I often see people posting about athletic pursuits, like running, yoga, and cycling. Which is fantastic. Physical fitness is an incredibly important facet of disease prevention. And it got me thinking about psychological fitness. Things like resilience, [...]

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Why Mental Health?

You don't need a PhD to realise the links between lifestyle and physical health. A diet high in processed and/or animal foods, sedentary lifestyle, elevated stress, low social connectivity, inadequate sunlight and fresh air, poor sleep..... it's the perfect recipe for obesity, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, to name a few. Less is [...]

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