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Stop reading. Stop watching. Stop waiting to be "ready". It's time. Start creating. Start choosing. Start doing. Take that first step. Draw the picture. Write the poem. Perform the comedy skit. Start the blog. Create the YouTube channel. Then learn some more, and come back and keep creating. Keep doing. Keep striving. Too often, we [...]

Teaching kids the habit of toxic guilt

Guilt feels yuck. But in some instances, guilt is healthy. And it's important to distinguish healthy guilt, from toxic guilt - because toxic guilt eats away at our wellbeing, our happiness, and our relationships. Here's the distinction. Healthy guilt arises from our own action or inaction - like when we yell at the kids or [...]

The 75 most important words for kids (and adults)

I just celebrated my 36th birthday. I'm a year older, and I'm pretty sure I'm a bit wiser. Sometimes I think about going back in time to my younger self, and the advice I'd impart. Although I don't have a time machine (yet), I think I'd share words that would offer the greatest benefit to my life [...]

Three ways to motivate your kids

If there's one question I've been asked a thousand times... it's "how do I motivate my kids to learn?" A lot of people suggest things like sticker charts or monetary rewards for good grades. In my opinion, the most effective form of motivation comes from within. Because when we rely on external rewards as our sole source of [...]

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Is it time to rethink autism and ADHD?

We're seeing more and more kids diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, and/or ADHD. Why? There's certainly more awareness of these disorders in the community, so kids are more likely to be seen by a doctor or psychologist. Some people also say that these disorders are more prevalent, which they attribute to everything from pollutants to pesticides. Some [...]

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