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Are we all getting sucked into the Mummy Wars?

I'm tired of the Mummy Wars. And I know I'm not alone. I've spoken with countless mothers who have expressed, in some way, their disgust at the shaming and blaming that goes on within parenting communities. Particularly online, it seems. In fact, the Mummy Wars seem to be at their worst online - due to [...]

Parenting sucks. And that’s a good thing.

It's not just sometimes, either. The sucky moments can come in thick and fast. We get stressed, angry, or frustrated. Or maybe the kids do. They act up. We act up. We feel guilty. And on it goes. But, all of this is countered by the beautiful, glorious parenting moments. Those times when we feel at [...]

Five ways to help little kids with big feelings

Little kids experience lots of big feelings, like anger, frustration, overwhelm, worry, and sadness. On the inside, these feeling are uncomfortable and often scary. On the outside, they tend to manifest in the same way - crying, screaming, throwing, kicking, etc. Little kids feel emotions just as we do, but they don't have the insight [...]

Why won’t the tantrums stop?

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I favour connection and presence in dealing with behaviour challenges. The irony of tantrums and emotional meltdowns is that they're the moments when our kids need us the most - and yet their behaviour is the most off-putting. Kicking, screaming, yelling, crying, hitting, biting, and [...]

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This is why we need breastfeeding advocacy

I rarely comment on the breastfeeding issue, mainly because a) I don't see it as an issue, and b) I'm not a lactation expert. However, I am a psychologist, which means I have a pretty solid understanding of human behaviour. And, I'm a mum. A breastfeeding mum, to be exact. I remember in my early [...]

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