Hope in a world of despair

(Image reproduced with permission from Kelsey V Photography) Hope. It somehow seems unrealistic, ignorant, and perhaps even unnervingly optimistic, to "hope", these days. Despair is far more rational, in a world that's rife with suffering. Poverty, animal exploitation, environmental degradation - not to mention, our own prejudices within our own species, against those with a [...]

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The worst part of parenting

There's lots to love about parenting. Especially the "being a mum" part. I also love spending time with other like-minded mothers. There's something unifying about motherhood. I was crossing the street yesterday, and at the lights there was a beautiful mum with her baby boy, who looked to be a bit older than my little man. This mum actually [...]

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Tired of New Years resolutions that don’t work? Do this instead.

New Year is the worst time to start making major habit changes. Picture this: you wake up tired after a late night, feeling the effects of your holiday indulgences. We tell ourselves "This is the year! I'm going to ____" (start exercising? lose weight? give up chocolate?). We embark  on our goals with gusto, only [...]

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Why becoming a parent made me more selfish

I vaguely recall a time before I became a mother. It wasn't all that long ago, but in the haze of naps, night feeds, and nappy changes I feel like I'm in some sort of twilight zone. Before I became a parent, it was ok if I stayed up a bit too late, ate something a bit too rich, or [...]

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How to boost your child’s mental health with mindfulness

Did you know that mindfulness can help us improve our mental wellbeing? Being mindful means being present - whether it's to our external surroundings, or our internal thoughts and feelings. It's about focusing on one object or idea or thought. When we are mindful to the current moment, we are less likely to become bogged [...]

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