Chaos to Calm, consists of ten audio recordings (mp3 format), that you can listen to anywhere, at any time.
Whether that’s during the day when you’re out for a stroll with your baby, or in the early morning stillness while you’re feeding your baby.

You also receive transcripts for each of the recordings, so that you can read along with the audios. The 150Mb ZIP file contains,

Session 1: Is your mind playing tricks on you?
Session 2: Taking control.
Session 3: Getting the right balance.
Session 4: Creating a solid foundation.
Session 5: Priorities and rediscovering your identity. Plus a word on overcoming guilt.
Session 6: Hidden ways we make life harder for ourselves.
Session 7: Coping with stress and worry.
Session 8: Managing anger, frustration, and stress.
Session 9: “Trusting your instincts”? Plus more on overcoming guilt.
Session 10: Feeling inadequate as a mum?