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Going vegan is too damn hard

Perception is a funny thing. Every change seems hard, before we do it. And every change seems easy, after the fact. Just like when we become vegan. Before I became vegan, I remember thinking that it was impossible. Only when I actually took the plunge, did I realise just how simple veganism was. At first, [...]

Don’t read this article

Stop reading. Stop watching. Stop waiting to be "ready". It's time. Start creating. Start choosing. Start doing. Take that first step. Draw the picture. Write the poem. Perform the comedy skit. Start the blog. Create the YouTube channel. Then learn some more, and come back and keep creating. Keep doing. Keep striving. Too often, we [...]

Resolutions in 2017? Read this.

Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet. It was 37 degrees Celsius even in the shade, and as I mulled over my winter clothes, it was hard to imagine ever feeling chilly. Yet, I will not discard all my winter clothes, because I know that the cooler weather will come. As it does every year. As [...]

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Why everybody hates vegans

Vegans are hungry. They're hungry for the things that aren't easily found in today's world. Justice. Equality. Compassion. Peace. Why does everybody hate vegans? Because they remind us of what's possible. Vegans have the ultimate motivation, inspiration, and willpower. They have the fortitude to stick to their convictions, no matter how much mockery, ridicule, humiliation, [...]

My three toddler-inspired NY resolutions

My toddler recently started walking. I've been watching his progress with interest, and not just because I'm his mum. Watching him learn to walk - and watching his approach to this new challenge - has been incredibly awe-inspiring. Because he has a great attitude to learning to walk. All children do. I've noticed that there [...]

Goal Setting 101 – You don’t need willpower!

Thirty day challenges are all the rage in November, particularly in Australia. The weather is warming up and party season is about to hit... perhaps making it the last chance we have this year to finally achieve those new years goals. You know, the same goals we made last year. And the year before. Why [...]

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