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Parenting: Let’s stop defending the status quo

Just because we did something yesterday, doesn't mean we have to do it today. Each day gives fresh insight, which allows us to progress. Perhaps we used to do "time-out", or spank, or yell. Perhaps we used to neglect our health or allow our inner voice to say terrible things to us. Just because we [...]

Teaching kids the habit of toxic guilt

Guilt feels yuck. But in some instances, guilt is healthy. And it's important to distinguish healthy guilt, from toxic guilt - because toxic guilt eats away at our wellbeing, our happiness, and our relationships. Here's the distinction. Healthy guilt arises from our own action or inaction - like when we yell at the kids or [...]

Got mumma guilt?

Guilt is everywhere - especially for mums. And that goes double for new mums. It could be about everything and about nothing. Guilt over returning to work, or being at home. Guilt over breast or bottle feeding. The type of daycare, or kinder, or school we select for our child. Sleeping arrangements. The meals we feed our kids. Whether [...]