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Five ways to help little kids with big feelings

Little kids experience lots of big feelings, like anger, frustration, overwhelm, worry, and sadness. On the inside, these feeling are uncomfortable and often scary. On the outside, they tend to manifest in the same way - crying, screaming, throwing, kicking, etc. Little kids feel emotions just as we do, but they don't have the insight [...]

Minimalism: Do we need to downsize relationships, too?

Lately, I find myself reevaluating the people with whom I choose to spend my time and energy. Minimalism is funny like that. What started as a quest to eliminate clutter and reduce stress, has turned into a full blown lifestyle adjustment. And not surprisingly, my relationships are in for a tune-up as well. Minimalism isn't [...]

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The mother of all tantrums

Today, my son had the wildest, most epic tantrum of his young life. He's just turned two, which means that tantrums aren't unexpected. And it probably means that I haven't seen the worst of it yet, either. It all happened at lunchtime. He decided to eat lunch out of his bunny bowl, rather than his [...]

Want to be healthier? Try minimalism.

Since embarking on a full blown minimalism quest recently, I've been noticing some unexpected side effects. More energy. Better sleep. More happiness and fulfillment. Clearer skin (and I swear, fewer wrinkles). It happened so insidiously. Initially, I didn't even make the connection to minimalism. After all, how could something as benign as possessions get in [...]

Minimalism and a meaningful life

Lately, I've been questioning my existence and my place in the world. No, I'm not having a mid-life crisis. Actually, my philosophical musings are the result of my minimal living. As I purge the unwanted and unnecessary from my life, I create room for greater meaning and purpose. Eliminating the clutter means that I have [...]

De-cluttering to reduce stress: How to start?

What's the irony of de-cluttering for stress management? It's so stressful! As I've delved into the reality of de-cluttering and minimal living, I've realised that for many of us, the very prospect of reducing our possessions is overwhelming. For some of us, it fills us with stress, panic, and even dread. Very few of us [...]

My experiment with minimalism

Over the last few years, my lifestyle has changed radically. I stopped working a full time job, started my own business, adopted a bunny, and have become a mum. It wasn't all that long ago, that I had a hectic schedule - with most of my waking hours spent outside the house. But now, I [...]

This is why we need breastfeeding advocacy

I rarely comment on the breastfeeding issue, mainly because a) I don't see it as an issue, and b) I'm not a lactation expert. However, I am a psychologist, which means I have a pretty solid understanding of human behaviour. And, I'm a mum. A breastfeeding mum, to be exact. I remember in my early [...]

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Do you ever feel like you’re a “bad parent”? Read this:

Do you ever feel inadequate? Do you ever feel like you're stumbling through the minefield of parenthood, while everyone else has it together? You're not alone. In fact, every single one of us has these moments. Those moments where we feel like we're failing, flailing, or floundering. Anyone who doesn't, is either lying or kidding [...]

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Coping with internet bullying

Online negativity is rampant. Whether it's just meanness, or outright bullying, it's everywhere. Some people say that we just need to toughen up. I do get where they're coming from - because these days, it's possible to respond with meanness and negativity to just about anything. Like the mum who posts a picture of her child on [...]

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