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My three toddler-inspired NY resolutions

My toddler recently started walking. I've been watching his progress with interest, and not just because I'm his mum. Watching him learn to walk - and watching his approach to this new challenge - has been incredibly awe-inspiring. Because he has a great attitude to learning to walk. All children do. I've noticed that there [...]

Do you ever feel like you’re a “bad parent”? Read this:

Do you ever feel inadequate? Do you ever feel like you're stumbling through the minefield of parenthood, while everyone else has it together? You're not alone. In fact, every single one of us has these moments. Those moments where we feel like we're failing, flailing, or floundering. Anyone who doesn't, is either lying or kidding [...]

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Coping with internet bullying

Online negativity is rampant. Whether it's just meanness, or outright bullying, it's everywhere. Some people say that we just need to toughen up. I do get where they're coming from - because these days, it's possible to respond with meanness and negativity to just about anything. Like the mum who posts a picture of her child on [...]

How to have time for your kids and still live your life

Our bond with our kids is one of the most important things we can create. And we know that kids have a much stronger need for connection than we do (check out this article to find out why). What this means, is that kids will continue needing more and more connection, even after WE have [...]

Got mumma guilt?

Guilt is everywhere - especially for mums. And that goes double for new mums. It could be about everything and about nothing. Guilt over returning to work, or being at home. Guilt over breast or bottle feeding. The type of daycare, or kinder, or school we select for our child. Sleeping arrangements. The meals we feed our kids. Whether [...]

Why do kids want all our attention?

Our relationship with our kids is a two way street. And like all relationships, takes a little effort. Bonding is one of the key psychological needs for any child. In fact, it may even be the KEY psychological need for them. From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. Human babies are incredibly vulnerable to harm. If we think [...]

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Emotional intelligence? The one question every parent needs to ask.

If there was a single question that could improve our parenting, this would be it. I'll cut to the chase. The one question parents must ask themselves - is this: What must it be like for them?" See, sometimes it can be tough to deal with kids. They push our buttons and stretch us to our limits - [...]

Want to raise resilient kids? Do this first.

These days we hear a lot about "building resilient kids", But what is resilience, really? It encompasses many skills. Fundamentally, resilience is being able to handle whatever life throws at us. It's an inner knowing that whenever we face challenges, we will be able to find or figure out a solution. It's the confidence that we have the skills [...]

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Why it’s time to unplug from technology

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about technology, and whether it's helpful or harmful to kids. Opinions are mixed. Some say that we need to limit screen time as much as possible in the early years. Others say that screens are now a part of our lives, so we might as well incorporate them responsibly. Some [...]

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How a sleep consultant helped me wake up

A few months ago,  we went through the four-month "sleep regression". A time when babies experience major cognitive development, coinciding with a growth spurt and changes in their sleep/wake cycles. For us, it meant frequent wake-ups throughout the night. At times it was every 45 minutes, and it woke the entire household. These wake ups were often accompanied [...]

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