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Going vegan is too damn hard

Perception is a funny thing. Every change seems hard, before we do it. And every change seems easy, after the fact. Just like when we become vegan. Before I became vegan, I remember thinking that it was impossible. Only when I actually took the plunge, did I realise just how simple veganism was. At first, [...]

A legacy for young women everywhere

Today is International Women's Day. Today, we think about the legacy of those before us, and the future that we are now creating for the next generations. If I could impart any wisdom to the young women of today and tomorrow, it would be this:   You have one voice, and it matters. Use it. Your worth does not depend on having [...]

Don’t read this article

Stop reading. Stop watching. Stop waiting to be "ready". It's time. Start creating. Start choosing. Start doing. Take that first step. Draw the picture. Write the poem. Perform the comedy skit. Start the blog. Create the YouTube channel. Then learn some more, and come back and keep creating. Keep doing. Keep striving. Too often, we [...]

The 75 most important words for kids (and adults)

I just celebrated my 36th birthday. I'm a year older, and I'm pretty sure I'm a bit wiser. Sometimes I think about going back in time to my younger self, and the advice I'd impart. Although I don't have a time machine (yet), I think I'd share words that would offer the greatest benefit to my life [...]

No, our kids are not ok

"You're ok". We need to delete this phrase from our parenting vocabulary. Picture this: A young child, contentedly playing at a park. He falls over. He cries. He runs to his parent. And his parent utters the words "you're ok". I get why we do this. We, with our mature brains and capacity for insight, [...]

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Five ways to help little kids with big feelings

Little kids experience lots of big feelings, like anger, frustration, overwhelm, worry, and sadness. On the inside, these feeling are uncomfortable and often scary. On the outside, they tend to manifest in the same way - crying, screaming, throwing, kicking, etc. Little kids feel emotions just as we do, but they don't have the insight [...]

Coping with internet bullying

Online negativity is rampant. Whether it's just meanness, or outright bullying, it's everywhere. Some people say that we just need to toughen up. I do get where they're coming from - because these days, it's possible to respond with meanness and negativity to just about anything. Like the mum who posts a picture of her child on [...]

Got mumma guilt?

Guilt is everywhere - especially for mums. And that goes double for new mums. It could be about everything and about nothing. Guilt over returning to work, or being at home. Guilt over breast or bottle feeding. The type of daycare, or kinder, or school we select for our child. Sleeping arrangements. The meals we feed our kids. Whether [...]

Why do kids want all our attention?

Our relationship with our kids is a two way street. And like all relationships, takes a little effort. Bonding is one of the key psychological needs for any child. In fact, it may even be the KEY psychological need for them. From an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense. Human babies are incredibly vulnerable to harm. If we think [...]

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Want to raise resilient kids? Do this first.

These days we hear a lot about "building resilient kids", But what is resilience, really? It encompasses many skills. Fundamentally, resilience is being able to handle whatever life throws at us. It's an inner knowing that whenever we face challenges, we will be able to find or figure out a solution. It's the confidence that we have the skills [...]

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