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A legacy for young women everywhere

Today is International Women's Day. Today, we think about the legacy of those before us, and the future that we are now creating for the next generations. If I could impart any wisdom to the young women of today and tomorrow, it would be this:   You have one voice, and it matters. Use it. Your worth does not depend on having [...]

Coping with internet bullying

Online negativity is rampant. Whether it's just meanness, or outright bullying, it's everywhere. Some people say that we just need to toughen up. I do get where they're coming from - because these days, it's possible to respond with meanness and negativity to just about anything. Like the mum who posts a picture of her child on [...]

How to have time for your kids and still live your life

Our bond with our kids is one of the most important things we can create. And we know that kids have a much stronger need for connection than we do (check out this article to find out why). What this means, is that kids will continue needing more and more connection, even after WE have [...]

Peer pressure is an identity problem – and here’s how to solve it

Peer pressure is something that affects us all. And it can affect us positively or negatively - although I suspect that most of us focus on the negative impact, especially if we're raising kids. Peer pressure explains a number of undesirable behaviours such as bullying, binge drinking, and gambling. This isn't just a theoretical discussion, by the way. These [...]

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